It is hard to believe that we have presented 10 Annual Children’s Benefit Concerts! To all of our donors and attendees, a warm thank you for believing in and supporting us as we work to further our mission: to send as many children as possible to the Children’s Aid Societies Camp Wagon Road every summer. The fact that we have raised over $1,000,000 and sent over 800 children to Wagon Road Camp since its inception in 2007 is a testament to the amazing support of our donors and you, our loyal and growing audience.

Our founding vision was and continues to be to provide a vehicle to help at risk children while presenting a world-class classical concert for the residents of Westchester. Amidst the beautiful music and the magical voices we celebrate what it means for an inner city child to go to camp. Here they learn to be forgiving, to be gentle, to try new things, to jump high, and to laugh easily. They learn to let go of worries and to face challenges bravely. They learn what it means to give back. They are learning about the sweetness of just ripened summer fruit and how to eat a balanced meal; they are learning the joy of having something to look forward to. Thank you for bringing the immeasurable happiness that comes with a summer at camp to children who wouldn’t begin to know of the wonders that await were it not for your generosity. Over the years, we have received numerous thank you notes from the children to our donors as well as talking to them throughout the year. It is hard to even begin to describe how excited, happy and appreciative they are.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped behind the scenes to make this the cherished tradition it is today. We could not have come this far without you!

​Justin Bischof & Dorothy E. Yewer

Annual Children’s Benefit Concerts

Photos by Steve Schnurr